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Buy Lebanese Camel Hash Weed Strain UK



Buy Lebanese Camel Hash Weed Strain UK

At DankPlugUK, Lebanese Camel Hash strain for sale is available for all. You can order Lebanese Camel Hash weed online from any corner of the world. We are available exclusively in the UK, Spain and Ireland for you. You can contact our Lebanese Camel Hash strain online dispensary at any time of the day. You will find us available at your service. Want to buy Lebanese Camel Hash weed online UK at low prices? Place an order for the same today!

What is Lebanese camel hash weed?

Yellow Lebanese Hash is made from plants that have been harvested at an earlier stage of development. This produces a high that is more pronounced in cerebral effects.

At the start of Winter, the kief crystals are transferred from silk screens to cotton (or linen bags) and is then pressed – to create a soft, smooth brick of Lebanese Hash.

Lebanese Camel Hash Strain Effects

Red Lebanese Hash is produced using plants that are a little older and are said to contain higher amounts of the non-psychoactive compound Cannabinol (CBN) – resulting in a hash that producers more mild effects.

When making Lebanese hash, growers leave plants on the field until they have nearly dried, at which time they will be a reddish-brown colour. They are then harvested and brought to a barn, where they are hung and dried much like tobacco.

Dried buds are rubbed over fine silk cloth, producing a powder that is stored inside plastic bags for up to 6 months, where it is “aged” until winter. In winter, it is pressed normally by hand into slabs. These slabs are the reason for the beautiful yellow Lebanese hash.

How to buy Lebanese Camel Hash strain online?

Our online vendors and suppliers in the online market are dealing with Lebanese Camel Hash strain for sale at affordable rates. You can also share your requirements with us and get them all completed inside a short timeframe. We will reach your mentioned location with the complete order. Buy Lebanese Camel Hash weed online to enjoy its silky texture!


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